Desalination in Spain

Climate change and the progressive increase in the population of the world are obliging us to search for intelligent, innovative and efficient solutions to guarantee sufficient and quality water resources.

Remineralisation Guide

Since the Spanish government’s desalination programme started in April 2004, Acuamed has undertaken to make an outstanding contribution to the promotion of technological development

Hydraulic infrastructures in Levante Almeriense. Measures to Preserve the Environment

Levante Almeriense, the region where Cabo de Gata is located, is a place that is one of a kind in Europe. Therefore, all of Acuamed’s actions are very respectful of this natural paradise.

Extensive repair and automation of the main canal in the Camp de Túria

The action called “Extensive repair and automation of the main canal in the Camp de Túria”, taking place in the province of Valencia.

Integral water cycle in Spain. Treatment, purification and reuse

One of the main objectives of the parties responsible for the area of water is to provide the population with a guarantee for both quantity and quality of water supply.

Piping from the Carboneras desalination plant to the Almanzora Valley (Phases I and II)

The Ministry for the Environment and Rural and Marine Environment has promoted the construction of two plants in Almería, whose production is for supplying this region.

Report on ACUAMED’s participation at the Spanish National Conference on the Environment CONAMA 2012

The National Conference on the Environment (CONAMA) has been held every two years since 1992 and is an event dedicated to the most important sustainable development in Spain. Hydraulic infrastructures

Geo report

Report on desalination published by the magazine Geo, on the advantages of this technology.

Desalination and the Marine Environment

Desalination – clean and sustainable technology. Desalination plants are “water factories”. Their two raw materials are seawater and electrical energy.