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Welcome to the virtual space for ACUAMED contracts.

ACUAMED, Aguas de las Cuencas Mediterráneas, S.A., has a system for awarding contracts in accordance with its status as a trading company in the public sector with the consideration of contracting authority.

ACUAMED contracts are legally considered private contracts.

The drawing up and awarding of contracts subject to harmonised standards is governed, in the absence of specific regulations, by the revised text of the Spanish Contract Law for the Public Sector and its provisions for development, with the adaptations set out in article 190 of the Law, in addition to the regulations of private law. The contract procedure for contracts not subject to harmonised standards is regulated in the ACUAMED Instructions for Internal Contracts published in this contractor profile in accordance with article 191 of the Law.

The effects and termination of ACUAMED contracts are subject to private law; nonetheless, the regulations contained in Title V of Book I of the revised text of Spanish Contract Law for the Public Sector regarding the amendment of contracts also apply.